CONFESSION/CONFESIONES Tuesday & Thursday/Martes & Jueves 5:00-5:55 pm Saturday/Sábado 8:00-9:00 am ROSARY/ROSARIO Sunday in Church 7:35 am

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1 ]ÉáxÑ{ fàa ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH IGLESIA CATÓLICA SAN JOSÉ JULY DE JULIO, 2018 CONTACT INFORMATION Address College Avenue, Conway, AR Phone...(501) Hispanic Min... Website... Diocese of Little Rock... WEEKDAY MASSES/ MISAS DE SEMANA Monday / Lunes...7:00 am...12:15 pm Martes.6:00 pm Wednesday/Miercoles.9:00am Thursday/ Jueves...6:00 pm Friday/ Viernes..7:00 am.12:15 pm Anointing of the Sick, after Mass 1st Friday & Saturday Only Unción de los Enfermos Solo después de 1 er Misa de Viernes & Sábado de mes 1 st Friday of the Month/ 1 er Viernes del mes... 12:15pm 1 st Saturday of the month/ 1 er Sábado del mes... 9:00am CONFESSION/CONFESIONES Tuesday & Thursday/Martes & Jueves 5:00-5:55 pm Saturday/Sábado 8:00-9:00 am ROSARY/ROSARIO Sunday in Church 7:35 am DEVOTIONS TO OUR MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP/ DEVOCION A NUESTRA MADRE DEL PERPETUO SOCORRO Tuesday/Martes after the 6:00 pm Mass PERPETUAL ADORATION 24 hours a day in the Adoration Chapel ADORACIÓN AL SANTISIMO Las 24 horas al día en la Capilla WEEKEND MASSES/MISAS Saturday /Sábado... 4:00 pm Sunday /Domingo... 8:00 am, 10:30 am, 5:00 pm Spanish/Español... 12:30 pm Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Decimosexto Domingo Del Tiempo Ordinario

2 2 WELCOME to ST. JOSEPH S PARISH We welcome you and your family to our parish and we hope that you will find a "home" with us --and that as we grow in God's Spirit we may help one another experience the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Mission: Family building the Body of Christ Le damos la bienvenida a usted ya su familia a nuestra parroquia y esperamos que encuentre un "hogar" con nosotros - y que a medida que crecemos en el Espíritu de Dios, podamos ayudarnos unos a otros a experimentar la presencia del Señor Jesucristo. Nuestra Misión: "Familia construyendo el Cuerpo de Cristo" Sacraments / Sacramentos Baptism Parents & Godparents must register to attend a Pre-Baptismal Class. Classes are held monthly. Call the Parish Office at Bautismos Para poder bautizar se necesita estar registrados en la parroquia antes de recibir el Sacramento. Los padres y padrinos tendrán que asistir a una platica o clase antes de bautizar. Las clases son el primer Sábado del mes a las 9:00am. Para mas información habla al Matrimony Those considering Marriage need to notify the parish priest of their intention to marry at least 6 months prior to their intended wedding date. Wedding dates will be finalized only after consultation with the priest. Attendance of an approved Marriage Preparation Program is required. Please call the Parish Office for further information at Sacramento de Matrimonio Llame a la oficina para registrarse y pedir una entrevista con uno de los Sacerdotes, al menos seis meses antes de la fecha en que piensan casarse. Por favor de llamar al y preguntar por Yolanda Berumen. Anointing of the Sick / Unción de los Enfermos First Friday of the month after the 7 am Mass or by appointment. Primer Viernes del mes después de la Misa de 7 am o por cita. Ministry to the Sick / Ministerio de los Enfermos Please contact the Parish Office to notify us of the homebound or hospitalized. Por favor de llamar a la Oficina Parroquial para notificarnos. Beacon of Hope Ministry/Ministerio Luz de Esperanza Please call the Beacon of Hope Ministry at for information about services to the bereaved and to those who may be grieving any other significant loss, ex., divorce, job loss, etc. El Ministerio de Luz de Esperanza ofrece servicios para aquellos que están desconsolados y que han perdido a un ser querido o otra perdida significativa, por ej., divorcio, perdida de trabajo, etc. Por favor de llamar al Ministerio de Luz de Esperanza al para mas información sobre estos servicios. Death / Difuntos To notify us of a death in your Family and to make funeral arrangements, please call the Parish Office at Para arreglos de Funeral por favor de llamar a la Oficina Parroquial. Sick Call / Emergency /Emergencias Parish Office/ Oficina Parroquial at Mon. 07/23 Tues. 07/24 Wed. 07/25 Thur. 07/26 Fri. 07/27 Sat. 07/28 Sun. 07/29 July 23 July 29 7 am Dan Skelton 12:15 pm Bob Tyler Knights of Columbus, Fr. Dellert Council 4143 Knights of Columbus Fr. Dellert Council # pm Jo Ann Hoyt Margaret Davis 9 am Margaret Martin, Spiritual Bouquet 6 pm John Hoffman 7 am 12:15 pm 4 pm 8 am 10:30 am 12:30 pm Patricia & Seth Casey Christine Thessing, Anniversary John Page, birthday Linda Sponer Nystrom Harrell Bates People of the Parish 5 pm Mildred Miller Friends of College Square K of C 4th Degree Fr. Lachowsky Assembly 1703 Bob & Dorothy Pate Tressie and Mike Sartain Ann Page Theresa Tyler Bob & Dorothy Pate Al and Mary Hiegel SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME DECIMOSEXTO DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO PAGE 2

3 ST. JOSEPH S SCHEDULE and INFORMATION Readings for the Week July 22, 2018 July 29, 2018 Sunday: Jer 23:1-6/Ps 23:1-3, 3-4, 5, 6 [1]/Eph 2:13- Monday: Tuesday: 18/Mk 6:30-34 Mi 6:1-4, 6-8/Ps 50:5-6, 8-9, 16bc-17, 21 and 23 [23b]/Mt 12:38-42 Mi 7:14-15, 18-20/Ps 85:2-4, 5-6, 7-8 [8a]/Mt 12:46-50 Wednesday: 2 Cor 4:7-15/Ps 126:1bc-2ab, 2cd-3, 4-5, 6 [5]/Mt 20:20-28 Thursday: Jer 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13/Ps 36:6-7ab, 8-9, [10a]/Mt 13:10-17 Friday: Saturday: Jer 3:14-17/Jer 31:10, 11-12abcd, 13 [cf. 10d]/Mt 13:18-23 Jer 7:1-11/Ps 84:3, 4, 5-6a and 8a, 11 [2]/Mt 13:24-30 Next Sunday: 2 Kgs 4:42-44/Ps 145:10-11, 15-16, [cf.16]/eph 4:1-6/Jn 6:1-15 Liturgical Publications Inc Our Stewardship of Treasure July 1, st Collection Weekly YTD Offertory Received 27,531 2,009,061 Life Choices;Haven;Bethlehem House;Women's Shelter ,090 2nd Collection YTD Latin America;Catholic Communications ,597 St. Joseph Community Asst. 1,440 48,006 Thank you for your generous support of St. Joseph Parish. May God bless you for your sacrifices for His Church. STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION When he disembarked and saw the vast crowd, his heart was moved with pity for them, for they were like sheep without a shepherd; and he began to teach them many things. - Mk 6:34 Calendar/Calendario Sunday/Domingo, July/ Julio 22 9:10 am, Men of Faith Spiritan Center #202 Monday/Lunes, July/ Julio 23 Tuesday/Martes, July/ Julio 24 7:00 pm, New Life In The Spirit Prayer Group Church 10:00 am, Walking with Purpose Spiritan Center 6:00 pm, Hispanic Prayer Group Spiritan Center #243 Wednesday/Miercoles, July/ Julio 25 10:00 am, Prayer & Knit Group Spiritan Center #205 6:30 pm, Frassati Young Adults Cyber Café HS Thursday/Jueves, July/ Julio 26 9:00 am, Senior Saints Knights of Columbus 12:00 pm, Cancer Support Group Spiritan Center #202 Friday/Viernes, July/ Julio 27 Saturday/Sabado, July/ Julio 28 Sunday/Domingo, July/ Julio 29 9:10 am, Men of Faith Spiritan Center #202 Lord, Grant Eternal Rest to the Souls of Our Dearly Departed Especially: James Balmaz, husband of Betty, passed away June 28, Rosary July 1 and funeral July 2 at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Mary Louise Pratt Brooks, mother of Jeffrey and Patrick Brooks, passed away June 29, Funeral July 21 at St. Joseph Church. Helm Cooper, husband of Dorothy, passed away July 7, Memorial service July 17 at St. Joseph Church. George Lachowsky passed away July 10, Rosary July 12, and funeral July 13 at St. Joseph Church. Elvia Fragstein, passed away July 13. We pray that God's limitless mercy and love shine richly and abundantly upon all who have died. 3 NEW IN THE PARISH OR CHANGE OF STATUS FORM To register in the parish or make a change in address or marital status, please fill out the form below. (Please cut out and place in the collection basket.) Name (Nombre) City (Ciudad) Zip (Codigo) Address (Domicilio) Phone (Tel.) Cell Moved from (Se mudaron de) ( ) new in parish ( ) change of address ( ) moving, take off ( )Nuevo ( )cambio de domicilio ( )moviendo, remover ( ) divorced ( ) widowed ( ) separated ( ) single ( ) divorciado/a ( ) viudo/a ( ) separado ( ) soltero JULY 22, DE JULIO, 2018 PAGE 3

4 4 NEWS and UPCOMING EVENTS Senior Saints Potluck The Senior Saints will have a potluck on Thursday, July 26 at 9:00am at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Bring your favorite dish and join us for fellowship, fun, and food. Anyone 50+ is join us. For more information call Jacqueline Kordsmeier at the Endowment Office See you there! Church Update We are excited to announce that thanks to an anonymous donor we have the funds necessary to demolish the old Parish Hall and install the new expanded parking lot in front of the church. Work will begin this week and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding of the disruptions in parking during this project. Online Auction If you have an item or service that you would like to donate to this year s Bazaar Online Auction, please contact Christi Baker ( ), Joan Granholm ( ), or Chris Smith ( ). We would be happy to pick up items or they can be dropped off at the Endowment Office. All donations are tax-deductible. Face-painters Needed Face-painters needed for the St Joseph bazaar pro-life booth For more information or to volunteer contact Alison Hambuchen SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME DECIMOSEXTO DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO PAGE 4

5 UPCOMING YOUTH EVENTS Back to School Bash w/paul J. Kim (8 th -12 th ) Meant to Live for More Friday, August 24 th from 5:00-9:30pm Register at ONLY $10 per youth 5:00pm - Dinner & Outdoor Games (Parish Grounds) 6:30pm - Event Doors Open 7:00pm - Keynote w/pjk 8:30pm - Adoration/Praise & Worship/Confession 9:30pm - Closing PRAYER & ADORATION Stop and Rest Awhile Many times during His public ministry, Jesus went off alone to pray and rest. You can do the same for an hour each week in the Adoration Chapel. The best part is that you are in the presence of the Lord: you are not alone! The sweetest rest is found in Jesus presence. Replace an hour of busy-ness with an hour of peace! To become a regular adorer or obtain more information, please call/text Karen Oxner at or her at 5 Youth & Parent Session w/paul J. Kim (8 th -12 th ) Saturday, August 25 th from 9:00am-noon FREE, no registration required 9:00am - Parent Session w/paul J. Kim Every Family, Couple, & Parent Needs To Hear This Separate Youth Session 10:30am Parent & Youth Session w/paul J. Kim Your Life Makes a Difference For more information about these events, please contact Hannah Zinno at or The following hour has no regularly scheduled adorer. Please consider signing up for this hour: Saturday 5 6 PM (Perfect for those who attend 4 PM Mass) Other hours in need include: Wednesday 2 3 AM Thursday 3 4 PM Saturday all morning hours Please sign up today: Jesus waits and longs for YOU. All hours are available! PRAY FOR THE SICK Contact the Parish office to have names added to the prayer list. Trey Hickey, Keegan Smith, Tom Rivers, Dorothy Miller, Winston & Joyce Kimbro, Joseph Frank Rivers, Cathy Williams, Tom Coats, Deanna Anderson, Vera Maleski, Kingslea Merkel, Robert Baldwin, Nikki Thessing Barlow, Paul Lipsmeyer, Maureen Boyle, Kimberly Lambert, Scott Thornton, Joy Goff, Autumn Doss, Mary Gulbrandsen, Rose Marie Lipe, Darrel Dauzat, David Curran, Carter and Davis Zopolos, Felix Moix Jr., Doris Engel, Karen Eubanks, Linda Stanko, Bill Crain, Ray Luyet and Beth Ensley Prayer Chain Callers: If you have a prayer request and would like to know that others are praying with you or if you think you might be interested in serving on the prayer chain, please call one of the following lead callers: Nancy Moix ; Patty Moix Names will be removed after 4 weeks unless requested otherwise Also please keep in your prayers all among us who are dealing with long-term illness ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN JOSÉ PAGE 5


7 La Palabra del Señor 15 de Julio, de Julio, 2018 Domingo: Jr 23, 1-6/Sal 23, [1]/Ef 2, 13-18/Mc 6, Lunes: Miq 6, /Sal 50, y 23 [23]/Mt 12, Martes: Miq 7, /Sal 85, [8]/ Mt 12, Miércoles: 2 Cor 4, 7-15/Sal 126, [5]/Mt 20, Jueves: Jr 2, /Sal 36, Viernes: Colecta Semanal La ofrenda del semana 1 de Julio 18 fue de $27,531 Muchas gracias por apoyar a su parroquia con su ofrenda semanal Reflexion de CoResponsabilidad Cuando Jesús desembarcó, vio una numerosa multitud que lo estaba esperando y se compadeció de ellos, porque andaban como ovejas sin pastor, y se puso a enseñarles muchas cosas. - Mc 6, 34 Esta Registrado en la Parroquia? Si usted y su familia no se han registrado como feligreses de la parroquia de San José, favor de hacerlo lo mas pronto posible. El Registro Parroquial le servirá algún día como comprobante de su asistencia en nuestra parroquia o si ocupa algún sacramento, o carta de recomendación, al igual de la oportunidad de usar los salones parroquiales. Usted puede obtener la aplicación de Registro llamando o presentándose a la oficina parroquial. (Vea Pagina 3) MINISTERIO HISPANO [10]/Mt 13, Jr 3, 14-17/Jr 31, [cfr. 10]/Mt 13, Sábado: Jr 7, 1-11/Sal 84, y [2]/Mt 13, Domingo siguiente: 2 Re 4, 42-44/Sal 145, [cfr. 16]/Ef 4, 1-6/Jn 6, 1-15 Liturgical Publications Inc Horas de Oficina Lunes a Viernes de las 8:00 am 3:30 pm. Ministerio Hispano Normas de Sacramento Las personas que quieran casarse o que sus hijos reciban los Sacramentos de bautismo, Primera Comunión, o Confirmación, tienen que ser miembros registrados y activos en la Parroquia. Charla Pre-Bautismales: Se darán el 1er sábado de cada mes a las 9am. en el salón de la Oficina Parroquial. Deben Registrarse por adelantado. Ya que si no hay registrados no habrá Charla. Bautismos: Por favor llamar para fechar. NO se puede fechar sin antes tener la charla bautismal y papeleo completado. Matrimonio: Pedir una entrevista con uno de los Sacerdotes, al menos seis meses antes de la fecha en que piensan casarse. Llame al y pregunte por Yolanda Berumen. paz! Para y Descansa un Rato Muchas veces durante su ministerio público, Jesús se fue solo a orar y descansar. Puedes hacer lo mismo por una hora cada semana en la Capilla de Adoración. La mejor parte es que estás en la presencia del Señor: no estás solo! El descanso más dulce se encuentra en la presencia de Jesús. Reemplaza una hora de ajetreo por una hora de Para convertirse en un adorador regular o obtener más información, por favor llame a Karen Oxner al o envíela por correo electrónico a La siguiente hora no tiene un adorador programado regularmente. Por favor considera registrarte por esta hora: Sábado 5 6 PM (perfecto para quienes asisten a la Misa de las 4 PM) Otras horas en necesidad incluyen: Miércoles 2 3 AM Jueves 3 4 PM Sábado todas las mañanas POR FAVOR REGÍSTRESE HOY: JESÚS ESPERA Y ANHELA POR TI.Todas las horas están disponibles! 7 Dedicación de Misas o Intenciones Especiales Si usted quisiera ofrecer una Misa para una persona viva o difunta, por favor comuníquese a la oficina parroquial. La parroquia sugiere una donación de $10 por misa. La Misa es una oración de profunda gracias. Comunión Para los Enfermos y personas recluidas en sus hogares o,sus familiares pueden llamar a la Oficina Parroquial para pedir que les visite un sacerdote o ministro extraordinario de la Eucaristía SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME DECIMOSEXTO DOMINGO DEL TIEMPO ORDINARIO PAGE 7

8 8 NOTICIAS & ACONTECIMIENTOS MEDITACIÓN EVANGELICO 22 de julio de º Domingo del tiempo ordinario Todos necesitamos tiempo para descansar. Un lugar apartado del bullicio para estar a solas es importante de vez en cuando. Es hermoso ver en este Evangelio, que Jesús mismo invita a sus discípulos a apartarse del bullicio y de las personas que los buscaban. "Vámonos aparte, a un lugar retirado, y descansarán un poco. Porque eran tantos los que iban y venían que no les quedaba tiempo ni para comer" (Mc. 6:31-32). Jesús sabía de sobra que si la misión consumía a sus discípulos, no podrían llevarla a cabo. Se necesita un balance entre el trabajo y el descanso. Es importante fijarse en la actitud de Jesús. Cómo responde Jesús cuando sus apóstoles regresan de la misión? Cómo responde Jesús cuando la gente los sigue hasta encontrarlos? La respuesta de Jesús es compasiva en ambas situaciones, y su enseñanza es importante. Pastorear, guiar, acompañar, no dejar a las personas a la deriva. El punto clave es saber cuándo es necesario un descanso y cuándo es tiempo de evangelizar. El reto para la sociedad de hoy es aprender a tomar un tiempo de descanso. Todos corren de un lado a otro. Van contra reloj. El trabajo y las actividades abruman. Los doctores, consejeros y psicólogos están saturados de pacientes con la enfermedad llamada tensión. Se debe poner en práctica la enseñanza de Jesús; saber descansar es esencial. Por ejemplo, los domingos son para estar con la familia y los amigos, para disfrutar de una buena comida junto con ellos. Cuándo fue la última vez que fuiste de vacaciones con tu familia? Actualización de la Iglesia Nos complace anunciar que gracias a un donante anónimo tenemos los fondos necesarios para demoler el antiguo Salón Parroquial e instalar el nuevo estacionamiento en frente a la iglesia. El trabajo comenzará esta semana y le agradecemos de antemano por su paciencia y comprensión por las interrupciones durante este proyecto. Inscripción de Formación de Fe La inscripción para el año ya está en marcha! Puede solicitar los formularios en la oficina de la parroquia, con su catequista actuales o en la entrada de la iglesia y la capilla. Si tiene preguntas, comuníquese con Carina al o Si tiene un artículo o servicio que le gustaría donar a la Subasta en línea de Bazar de este año, contáctese con Christi Baker ( ), Joan Granholm ( ) o Chris Smith ( ). Estaremos encantados de recoger los artículos o se pueden dejar en la Oficina de Endowment. Todas las donaciones son deducibles de impuestos. ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN JOSÉ PAGE 8

9 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARISHIONERS! FELICIDADES FELIGRECES! 9 July 22 July 23 July 24 July 25 July 26 July 27 July 28 Reagan Schafer Gerard Martin Gonzalo Anthony Hernandez Kaden Hollowell Jason Tipton Landon Gadberry Adeline Bailey Mikeal Griffith Joshua Bain Cory Moix Edgar Avalos Maureen Baker Brandon Brown Azucena Aguayo Melvin Jackson Mary Mainord Sadie Lopez Cohen Harrower Briley Flynn Rachael Cox Robert Makara Abigail Brewer Nathan Elsinger Sophie Burt Dave Fenske Rose Breakfield Brett Brashears Larry Coney Julie Buss Christine Pasierb Clyde McMoran Diego Navarro Stephen Redican Ivan Gomez Jake Spradlin Debbie Walter Santiago Carranza Haiden Montgomery Summer Westerberg Gisela Morales Eduardo Rodriguez Melissa Gonzalez Susan McNeel Barbara Kordsmeier Regina Riedmueller Lindsay Magie Joseph Jordan Consolacion Braddy Dorothy Pate Justin Legris Juan Lopez Annamarie Rawls Anne-Marie Welter Balmore Fernandez Libertee` Johnson Andrew Bui Miguel Castro Megan West John Holder Samuel Massery Litzy Loya John Pope Sarah Moore Adriana Garza Michael Miller Manuel Jimenez Nora Ortega-Walle Nicholas Simon JoAnn Beck Hazel Volpert Fredy Diaz Elizabeth Law Connie Barcelles Paola Lozano Avery White Logan Hurst Jessica Johnson Pamela Brown Chris Cutter Veronica Ferrer Jo Corning Natasha Daigle Nancy Leigh Reilly Mullaney Jacqueline Easley ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CHURCH IGLESIA CATÓLICA DE SAN JOSE PAGE 9

10 10 PARISH DIRECTORY / DIRECTORIO DE LA PARROQUIA 1115 College Avenue Conway, Arkansas Fr. Anthony Robbins... Pastor Fr. Jeff Hebert.Associate Pastor Dcs. David Westmoreland, Richard Papini, Gerald Harrison Sick Call / Emergency Number Numero de Emergencia Office Hours/ Horario de la Oficinas Monday-Friday... 8:00 am-3:30 pm Parish Administration Office Business Office ; Fax: Scheduling (Complex & Church) Youth Faith Formation Rite of Christian Initiation Hispanic Ministry / Ministerio Hispano Adoration Inclement Weather News Please Call For Store Hours St. Joseph Flea Market School Office Hours/ Horario de la Escuela Monday-Friday... 8:00 am-3:20 pm High School ; Fax: Middle School ; Fax: Cafeteria Elementary School : Fax: Cafeteria Preschool Bob Nabholz Youth Center St. Joseph Endowment Catholic Campus Ministry House !! BULLETIN DEADLINE Monday at Noon!! Flyers must be approved by the pastor two weeks in advance. La fecha limite para anuncios en el Boletín es el Lunes al Mediodía Send articles to: SBR PAINTING COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR EXTERIOR INSURED LimeLight by Alcone Nancy Embry INDEPENDENT BEAUTY GUIDE (870) Contact Marci Utter to place an ad today! or (800) x2642 Greg Simon, D.D.S. David M. Reese, D.D.S. Family Dentistry 607 Front Street - Conway, AR (501) El Rancho Mexican Restaurant Open 7 Days A Week 1122 Main St. #10 Vilonia, AR Barre Commercial Playgrounds, Inc. John & Kara Barre, Parishioners Life Choices Locust Conway, AR Supported & paid by St. Joseph Christian Ladies A Nail & Spa 2805 Prince St. Suite 1 Conway * Full Nail Services * Facial, waxing, eyelash extension * epilfree permanent hair reduction without laser Paladino-Nash, Inc. Municipal & Utility Contractors For ad info. call St. Joseph, Conway, AR. C 4C

11 Hartman Animal Hospital GREG HARTMAN, DVM HOFHERR PLUMBING, INC. 77 Wasson Rd. Conway, AR Dwayne Hofherr Master # 5094 Cell (501) (501) GYMNASTICS DANCE CHEERLEADING THEATRE SWIMMING KIDCARE 2415 Donahey, Conway (501) CONEYS GARAGE DOOR Sales, Service & Installation Commercial & Residential Bus Bronnie Lane Conway, AR Free Estimates Sales & Service Leaf Guards LARRY CONEY (Mob) Bus CHAD CONEY Bronnie Lane Conway Tressie A. Sartain, CPA Steve W. Bo Conner, CPA 985 CARSON CV, STE C CONWAY, AR Quality new furniture at reasonable prices (501) Hogan Lane Hours: M-F 7:30-5:00, Sat (501) Front Street Conway, AR Ray Nabholz x Joe Nabholz Heath Thessing 610 Hwy 65 N, Greenbrier, AR A-STATE HANDYMEN, INC. Home Improvements, Remodeling, Repairs, Custom Decks & Much More Licensed & Insured. Free estimates! Satisfaction guaranteed! Call Rob Carroll (501) Salem Rd, Ste #4 Conway, AR Mon-Sat: 9am-7pm Appointment or Walk-Ins Welcome Nabholz Appraisal Service Real Estate Appraisals MOIX CARPETS INC. Shawn Moix Cory Moix 770 Enterprise Ave. Industrial Park Conway, Arkansas Ph: Joe Pruett Membership is required for new insureds. AAA personal lines insurance provided to qualified AAA members by Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange or Auto Club Family Insurance Company. Accepting New Patients Most Insurance Accepted Smitha Thomas, MD 650 United Drive, Suite 130, Conway, AR (501) Fax: (501) Monday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm LOS 3 POTRILLOS 1090 Skyline Drive Open 7 Days a Week DON PEPE S 2225 Prince Street We Would Love to Cater Your Next Event HIEGEL SUPPLY Plumbing Electrical Hardware 1310 Bruce Street Conway, AR Phone (501) KERRY K. MOLDER Financial Advisor Securian Advisors MidAmerica, Inc. 712 Locust Conway, AR / #62516 Investment Advisor Representative, Registered Representative Securian Financial Services, Inc., Securities Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC E. 63rd Place, Suite 450, Tulsa, OK Securian Advisors MidAmerica, Inc. is independently owned and operated. # DOFU 7/2011 License Insurance HOME LOANS Bill Brinkley Call NMLS# / Open 7 days a week 5am-2pm 1112 Oak St Call (501) Come see us after Mass HIEGEL H & S GLASS INC. Replacement Windows Mirrors Glass Repair Store Fronts MARKHAM CONWAY Robert G. Schichtl II, PA Certified Public Accountants Greg Schichtl Se habla español Call Parkway Conway AR For ad info. call St. Joseph, Conway, AR. B 4C

12 CONWAY TROPHY & AWARDS Tom Meurer, Parishioner 1111 Harrison (501) Quality is our Specialty Freyaldenhoven Heating & Cooling Front St. Edgar J. Tyler Attorney At Law Estate Planning Estate & Trust Administration 1511 Caldwell St. Conway Phone Steve Scherrey Calvin Pearcy Years of Experience We Stand In Front Of Our Work This is not our home. We re only passing through. Everything we think, say or do should glorify our Heavenly Father. Call Pat Hepner TODAY! (501) E. Commerce Street Morrilton, AR MIKE SARTAIN Branch Manager 950 Hogan Lane, Suite 1 Conway, AR wats 118 Harkrider Conway, AR Sales and Service Residential & Commercial Danny Kordsmeier Jason Kordsmeier W.C. Looper Roofing Commercial & Residential Insurance Claims Welcome Handyman, Jobs Big or Small (office) (cell) Ed's Custom Bakery Owners Sharon Hess and Angela Janowieck THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING US TO SERVE AS YOUR ARCHITECT 1109 Main St. Conway, AR Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy & Indoor Playground for all! Jenny Jolley, MS, OTR/L & Carrie Molder, MS, OTR/L 1008 E. Oak Street, Conway, AR Engelkes Felts & Barnhardt, CPAs PO Scott Felts, CPA Conway, AR GrassRoots LawnCare, Inc. Hwy. 365S, #1495 Conway, Arkansas (501) Mark & Theresa Fenner, Owners For clearer vision, trust your eyes to us Stephen K. Magie, MD s Melanie F. Smith, MD Justin W. Charton, MD s Jeffrey J. Strossner, OD B. Scott Koontz, OD 924 Main Street s Conway, AR (501) Julia Commercial Industrial Residential Service P.O. Box rd Ave. Conway, AR Senior In Home Care Caring for your loved ones in their own home with the dignity, respect and kindness they deserve Exceptional Care Reasonably Priced Live-in Care Hourly Care Judy Behrens, Parishioner Serving Conway for over 25 years We Make Space - Since insured - licensed - bonded mp#3875 Remodeling Crontractor Full Plumbing Service & Repair Contact Marci Utter to place an ad today! or (800) x2642 St. Joseph s Flea Market 1313 College Ave. Conway, AR (Next to Family Activity Building) shopping Store Hours: Thurs. - Fri. 8am - 5pm, Sat. 9am - 2pm Donations Drop-off Mon., Tue., wed. 8am-Noon Thur.-Fri. 8am-5pm Sat. 9am-2pm For ad info. call St. Joseph, Conway, AR. A 4C