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1 November 4, 2018 SAINT JAMES THE LESS PARISH 36 Lincoln Avenue, Jamesburg, NJ Phone: Fax: Pastoral Staff Reverend Michael Fragoso, Pastor Rev. Joseph Kabali, in Residence Rev. Msgr. Ray Cole Kim Bohinski-Smith Parish Catechetical Leader/ Pastoral Asst. Deacon Patrick Smith Patty Bisignano Administrative Assistant Parish Office Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Monday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Tu-Th Website: Daily Mass Schedule Morning Prayer Monday - Friday 8:15 am Weekday Mass Monday - Friday 8:30 am Weekend Masses Saturday: 4:00 pm Sunday: 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 3:00 pm (Spanish) and 5:00 pm Confession Saturday: 3:00 pm Adoration On Thursdays, Adoration will be held in the Church from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. All are welcome to come for any amount of time. Adult Choir Wednesday: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Spanish Choir First Tuesday of the Month 8:00 pm Music Ministry Kevin Daly - Director of Music Raelee Gold - Cantor Knights of Columbus Council # Lincoln Avenue, Jamesburg First & third Monday of every month 8:00 pm St. James Columbiettes 2nd Thursday of every month 7:00 pm HALL RENTAL AVAILABLE Call Matt Collura (732) Baptism: Parents who wish to have their child baptized need to call the Rectory. Preparation classes are required and are by appointment only. Baptisms will be held the first Sunday of every month at 1:00 pm. Sponsors and Godparents: If you are 18 years of age or older, you must register as an adult and be confirmed in the Catholic Church. If you wish to be a Sponsor for Confirmation or a Godparent, you must be an active parishioner and attending Mass. Matrimony: Couples contemplating this Sacrament must contact the Parish Office at least one year in advance. All couples planning marriage must attend Pre-Cana classes or Engaged Encounter. Ministry of the Sick: Parishioners who are homebound and would like to receive the Eucharist, please call the Rectory. If you would like to have your name included on the Prayer List in the bulletin, please call the Rectory. RCIA: Adults inquiring about the Catholic Church with a desire to become Catholic are invited to call the Parish Office for more information about the Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults which begins in September and runs through the following Easter. St. James Cemetery Mott Avenue, Monroe Twp For more information please contact the Rectory PLOTS AVAILABLE Food and Fellowship Soup Kitchen Every Tuesday 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm St. James Parish Hall Food Pantry Donation First Sunday of every month Parish Mission Statement St. James the Less Parish is a Christian Community of the Roman Catholic tradition. Our Parish Community is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus, and as the people of God are called to further the mission of Jesus. We will do this through the Word, Liturgy, Sacrament, Music, Ecumenism, Evangelization, Religious Education of our Children, Prayer and the Honoring of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We will deepen our knowledge, skills and understanding of our Faith. We will be Faith based. Above all, we will foster Love by example and serve the needs of others to work towards economic and social development for all people.

2 Page 2 A Message from Pastor Fr. Michael Fragoso In today s Gospel Jesus tells us of the two commandments which summarize the Law of God. Shema Ysroel, Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is one. According to my Jewish friends, the Hebrew word ehad can be translated as one, as it is here, but also as unique. God is uncreated hence unique; there is none other like Him. We also believe that there are three persons in one God, the creator Father, Jesus, our Savior and the Holy Spirit, who comes to us to make us holy. All three persons are ONE God and so He is uncreated not created, but all things were created by and through Him and He maintains us in existence out of His love for us. Since God loves me so much, each and everyone of us, I should love others as He loves me and as I love myself. That means He calls us to two things: to love my self, that is care for myself by learning about God, by learning about myself and the world in which I live and acting in a way that is good for all three things. Also it means loving my neighbor, learning about him/her, learning about his/her world and acting only for the good of them. The Church teaches us that it is not only for those neighbors that we see but also those we don t see. Not only those who live far away on this earth but, especially in this month of November, those who have passed away. In order to be with God, as Jesus promised, we have to be free of all sin. But it s hard to be perfect, very hard. So to purge of all sin there is a state of being, or maybe a place, I don t know, where we make restitution for those times and those things we did which were deficient in our love for God and our neighbor. It s interesting that the closer you get to Jesus spiritually in this life the more you realize that you have done wrong and want to make up for it. Those souls in purgatory can t help themselves, it s up to us to help them by our prayers and pious acts which ask the Lord to show them his mercy and mitigate his justice. As St John of God would say when he collected alms for the hospital he founded, Brothers and sisters, help yourselves! By having a hospital with caring workers all would benefit. Who knows where I ll end up. I m praying at least for purgatory. Then it will be your job, out of charity, to get me the rest of the way. In the same way during the month of November we remember those souls on purgatory especially those in most need of God s mercy. I recommend the prayer of St Gertrude the Great. The Lord told her it would free 1000 souls from purgatory every time it is prayed: Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, for those in my own home and within my family. Amen. Weekly Collections 1st Collection $ 7, nd Collection $ 1, The Sanctuary Candle that will be lit this week during our Eucharistic Celebration is in memory for the repose of the souls who have died this past year. This is a gift from the Lazarus Ministry. The Bread and Wine that are being offered at our Eucharistic Celebration this week is in loving memory of Bill Stewart. This is a gift from his wife, Madeline. HYMNS: Gathering: A Mighty Fortress #441 Preparation: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling #474 Communion: Christians, Let Us Love One Another #476; Ubi Caritas #328 Recessional: O God Our Help In Ages Past #444 The Altar Flowers that will be offered at our Eucharistic Celebrations for this week are in memory of Michael Reilly. This is a gift from family. Prayers for the Sick Emily Amador, Marie Bailey, Heather Boucher, Vincent Buonocore, Elizabeth Betty Cafiero, Arlene Calabro, Roger Chapdelaine, Agnes Cookson, Catherine Cryan, Carmela Dacunto, Matthew Dallas, Jonathan DiPierro, Julianna Dubinsky, Sue Facarile, John Fayard, John Fedor, Danny Figler, Mary Geraghty, Toni Hart, James Hitch, Jake Hoenig, Nikolai Hopkins, Jack Hsia, John Iwanski, Eleanor James, Rosemarie Kolessar, Veronica Kreutzer, Albert Larsen, Lucy Lavadera, Savira Londy-Eiben, Nikki Long, Arianna Louis, Gina Louis, Rose Luberecki, Richard Mackie, John Maltby, Michael Marino, Charlie Martinez, Mario Medina, Danielle Mennona, Baby Nicholas Merritt, Edward Migliore, Paul Joseph Migliore, Charles Miller, Lily Mizzi, Catherine Bagarello Mondros, Roseleen Murtagh, Michael Nichols, Harry Oranczak, Josephine Pescatore, Santino Policastro, Linda Reynolds, Ron Ritter, Elijah Sabo, Peggy Schiller, Sr. Helen Sikorski; SGM, Tammy Townsend, Liza Vivaldo, Emma Voss, Grace Wetzel, Lourdes Zapanta and Pat Zipf

3 Page 3 MASS INTENTIONS Monday, Nov 5th to Sunday, Nov 11th Monday Weekday 8:30 am Memorial Society Tuesday Weekday 8:30 am Marion & Bill Newson r/b Barbara Wednesday Weekday 8:30 am Louis A Dipierro r/b Helen Dipierro & family Tom Keating r/b Joyce Kass Peter Bruno r/b Rose & Nicholas Vincelli Thursday Weekday 8:30 am Robert Mishak r/b Irene & Al Resnick Friday Dedication of the Lateran Basilica 8:30 am Mary Murphy r/b Walter Murphy Saturday St Leo the Great 4:00 pm Peter Harczuk r/b wife, Lucille Sunday Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 8:00 am For the people of St James 11:00 am Dorothy Mitko r/b family 3:00 pm Lois Garsick r/b Certo family 5:00 pm Peggy Sica r/b Antoinette Intravartolo LECTIONARY READINGS FOR THE WEEK/ LECTURAS DE LA SEMANA November 5th: MONDAY/ LUNES 485: Phil 2:1-4 Ps 131:1-3 Lk 14:12-14 November 6th: TUESDAY/MARTES 486: Phil 2:5-11 Ps 22:26-32 Lk 14:15-24 November 7th: WEDNESDAY/MIERCOLES 487: Phil 2:12-18 Ps 27:1, 4, Lk 14:25-33 November 8th: THURSDAY/JUEVES 488: Phil 3:3-8a Ps 105:2-7 Lk 15:1-10 November 9th: FRIDAY/VIERNES 671: Ez 47:1-2, 8-9, 12 Ps 46:2-3, 5-6, Cor 3:9c-11, Jn 2:13-22 November 10th: SATURDAY/SÁBADO 490: Phil 4:10-19 Ps 112:1-2, 5-6, 8-9 Lk 16:9-15 November 11th: SUNDAY/DOMINGO 155: 1 Kgs 17:10-16 Ps 146:7-10 Heb 9:24-28 Mk 12:38-44 Concert The St James Orchestra will be performing on Wednesday, November 14th at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $10 each and will be sold before & after Masses the weekends of Nov. 3rd/4th & 10th/11th. They will also be available at the rectory during office hours. GIVING TREE The Annual Giving Tree is our way to remember those less fortunate at Christmas. The Giving Tree will be up the weekend of November 17th. Please take a tag with a specific age on it and return your UNWRAPPED GIFT WITH TAG to the Giving Tree by Sunday, December 2nd. If you took a tag for a gift card please return the gift card in the envelope in the collection basket for safety reasons. Distribution of the gifts to the local families will be done on December 6th. If you have any questions please contact Kim at Thank you in advance for your generosity and may you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to all who came out to donate blood on October 28th. We collected 38 pints! Your support is greatly appreciated! St. James the Less Toiletry Drive The St. James Confirmation class will be sponsoring a toiletry drive. Items collected will be made into gift bags to be distributed to 100 residents at the St. James Knights of Columbus Nursing Home Christmas Party. Items in Need of: Shampoo Bars of Soap Tooth Paste Body Lotion Tooth Brushes Chap Stick Deodorant Boxes of Tissues Hand Sanitizer Playing Cards Puzzle Books Brushes & Combs These items can be dropped in the baskets near the entrances of the Church by November 18th. Any questions please contact the Religious Education Office at

4 Page 4 Sacramento de la Confesión Domingo 2:00 pm. Intenciones para la Misa Intenciones para la Misa, $10 cada Misa. Un mensaje del Pastor P. Michael Fragoso En el Evangelio de hoy, Jesús nos cuenta los dos mandamientos que resumen la Ley de Dios. Shema Ysroel, Escucha, O Israel, el Señor tu Dios, el Señor es uno. Según mis amigos judíos, la palabra hebrea ehad puede traducirse como uno, como está aquí, pero también como único. Dios es no-creado" y, por lo tanto, único; No hay otro como Él. También creemos que hay tres personas en un Dios, el Padre creador, Jesús, nuestro Salvador y el Espíritu Santo, que viene a santificarnos. Las tres personas son UN SOLO Dios y, por lo tanto, Él no es creado, no fue creado, pero todas las cosas que ahi fueron creadas por Él y por medio de Él, y Él nos mantiene en existencia por Su amor por nosotros. Ya que Dios me ama tanto, a todos y cada uno de nosotros, debo amar a los demás como Él me ama y como yo me amo a mí mismo. Eso significa que Él nos llama a dos cosas: amarme a mí mismo, eso es cuidarme a mí mismo aprendiendo de Dios, aprendiendo sobre mí mismo y el mundo en el que vivo y actuando de una manera que sea buena para las tres cosas. También significa amar a mi prójimo, aprender sobre ellos, aprender sobre su mundo y actuar solo por el bien de ellos. La Iglesia nos enseña que no solo a los vecinos que podemos ver, sino también a los que no podemos ver. No solo los que viven lejos de nosotros en esta tierra sino, especialmente en este mes de noviembre, los que han fallecido. Para estar con Dios, como Jesús prometió, debemos estar libres de todo pecado. Pero es difícil ser perfecto, muy duro. Por lo tanto, para eliminar todo pecado existe un estado de existencia, o tal vez un lugar, no sé, en el que hacemos restitución por esos tiempos y por aquellas cosas que hicimos y que fuimos deficientes en nuestro amor a Dios y al prójimo. Es interesante que cuanto más se acerca uno espiritualmente a Jesús en esta vida, más se da cuenta de que has hecho algo malo y quieres compensarlo por amor a Dios. Esas almas en el purgatorio no pueden ayudarse a sí mismas, dependen de nosotros ayudarlas con nuestras oraciones y actos piadosos pidiéndole al Señor que les muestre su misericordia y mitigue su justicia. Como diría San Juan de Dios cuando pedía limosnas para el hospital que fundó, Hermanos y hermanas, ayúdense a si mismos! Al tener un hospital humanitario, todos se beneficiarían. Quién sabe dónde terminaré yo. Rezo al menos por el purgatorio. Entonces será tu trabajo, por la caridad, ayudarme en el resto del camino. De la misma manera, durante el mes de noviembre, recordamos aquellas almas en el purgatorio, especialmente las que más necesitan la misericordia de Dios y les ayudamos en su camino. Recomiendo la oración de Santa Gertrudis la Grande. Nuestro Señor le dijo que esta oración puede librar 1000 almas del purgatorio cada vez que se rece: Padre eterno, yo te ofrezco la preciosísima sangre de tu Divino Hijo Jesus, en union con las misas celebradas hoy día a través del mundo por todas las benditas animas del purgatorio por todos los pecadores del mundo. Por los pecadores en la iglesia universal, por aquellos en propia casa y dentro de mi familia. Amen. Mass Saturday 4:00pm Sunday 8:00am WANTED! The Deacon s Food Cupboard is in need of turkeys. If you would like to donate a turkey, we will be collecting them before all Masses in the Church parking lot the weekend of November 10th/11th. Any questions please contact Pat Moke at: or Lector Ministry Schedule Weekend of Nov. 10th/11th Eucharistic Eucharistic Minister Minister REMINDER There will be no religious education classes on Wednesday, November 7th. 1st Communion Parent Meeting November 7:00 pm Eucharistic Minister Tom Aiston Ann Fletcher Pat Moke John Bruno Cathy Janzekovich Bob Janzekovich Anne Mendoker 11:00am Frank Puccio Barbara Cooper Adrienne Puccio Jackie Roca Altar Server Madeline Pablo Marcus Pena Jessica Skuraton Francesca Bruno Shawn Cooper Mark Giordano Liam Iannacone 5:00pm Lois Castrovince Denise Halpin Daria Ludas Jennie Ludas Ashley & Veronique Waters

5 Page 5 St. James the Less Memorial Society The following names have been enrolled in the St. James Memorial Society by their loved ones. On the first Monday of each month they will be remembered at Mass. If you would like to add someone to the list, please call or visit the Rectory. A name that has been bolded with an (*) depicts a name that is up for renewal this month. You must renew by the 25th day of the renewal month. Conrado Albinto Dr. Joseph Giacona, MD *George J. Nesser Elvin Albinto Tina (Giacona) DeFranco Dominic & Josephine Nicastro Frank Barbato Jr Michael & Kathleen Grant Anne Marie Notarianni Henry Barry Restivo & Grillo Families Joan O'Callaghan *Steven Basarab Rev. Msgr. Edward Hajduk O'Neill & Moran Families *Helen & Steve Basarab Hanaway & Moran Families Anita Pessolano *Andrew Blake Rosalie Hines The Pessolano & Marino Families John & Rosa Bohinski Jocelyn Holland Irene Poulin Charles & Loretta Bohinski Rev. Joseph Hoppe, OP Frank & Ceil Popowski Ann Brady & Sheila Nolan Alphonse & Frances Iannacone Peter Presto The John Brady Family Cleotilde M Ico The Przybylski Family William & Rosemary Braun Pedro T Ico *Thomas Pugner Maryann Breckmeyer Ivan Family Frank Punturieri Richard Buch Stephen Janzekovich William & Una Quigley John & Mildred Burk Jolly & Messler Families Michael F Reilly Eugene Cahill Frank J. Kane Catherine Riley Frances Camilleri The Ellsworth & Kane Families Christine Rizzo Nicole Campbell Keating & Burke Families Richard Rizzo Vincent Camilleri John Klosek Ann Ford & Frances Rocsak Robert & Mona Campbell Eric J. Knoll Marion Routé Jean Campo Frank Korzenko James Scarpetti Maria Cappello Alex Kous Pauline Schieda Cerulo & Olimpia Families Arnold Kozlovskay Schiller-Dran Families Ellen Chmiel Ruth Krahe Buettner & Raymond Krahe *Margaret & Leo Schultz Tina Cimilucca Elizabeth & John Kress Robert W. Shultz Sr. Anna & Dominick Cimorelli Jane Lanza Anna Sikorski Raymond Cipperly Richard B. Lawlor Anne Stanchi Ellen Compesi Gertrude Lenci Edward Stanchi George Conroy The Lesko Family Lena & Edward Stanchi Joseph & Eleanor Corrente Raymond Luberecki Judy Wetzel Stevenson Eleanor Wetzel Cross Luis Lugo Bill Stewart John Cryan, MD Carmen Luciano Celia & Edward Sudowsky Patricia McConkey Cryan Juana Lugo-Marrero Philip E. Sudowsky Anthony & Mary D'Albero Mildred Luzi Pat, Michael & John Surik Richard Dallas Joseph Marano *Katherine Szaroleta Henry DeBus The Marano & Pietri Families Rev. Msgr. John Szymanski Gemma Deliso Mr. & Mrs. James Mazzio Mark Testa Janet de lorimier Rev. James & Francis McDonnell Thomas Tolve Jr. *Michael & Vera DeMarco Bruno Mecchi Steve Topolancik Gordon Demetzky Eda Mecchi Mary & Joseph Tupek Angela & Anthony DiGiacomo Donna Meccia Ethel Vachon Michael F. DiPierro Gerard Mennona Philip Vachon *DiLorenzo Family Joseph & Eleanor Mennona Michelle Vachon Rev. Kevin P Duggan Don Mercado Carmelo & Anna Vairo Margaret Duggan Kathleen, Patrick & Jack Mohan Kenneth A Van Riper Desi & Sean Dunne Joan & Edwin Moke Jr. Jovani Verre George & Alice Emery Mary S. & John Montalto Visinski & Luczkow Families John Ehrhardt & Mary Horan Joan & Rich Moran Eleanor & Floyd Vivaldo Miguel A Fragoso Deceased Members of Mt. Carmel Society Betty Wagner Falkowski & McLafferty Families James & Agnes Mulvey Thomas P. & Delia Walker Rev. Msgr. William Furlong *Madeline Murray Thomas Walker Philip Furnari & Family Robert & Nicholas Napoliello Walter & Florence Wawrzynski Pietro & Marianna Garibaldi Marilyn J Nasta Henry & Sophie Wetzel Robert E Garvey III